Lovingly modelled on those catalogues that are so welcome as they spill unwanted from your weekend newspapers in a magfall of bizarre information, this is a celebration of triumphantly useless and inappropriate consumer choices. Illustrated throughout in the shape and style of catalogues that offer you the chance to buy machines that stamp your initials onto golf balls or allow you to warm you slippers electronically before putting them on. Here, then, the spirit of ‘99 Useless Japanese Inventions’ is taken to its surreal and dark logical extremities. An array of toys, gadgets, handy-helps and objects the like of which haven’t been seen since Inquisiononal torture went out of fashion: it’s a modern vision of a consumer paradise gone very weird indeed.

Reviews of Unnovations

  • Praise for TV Go Home

    ‘TV GO HOME, one of the angriest and funniest websites ever.’ ESQUIRE

    ‘This is the comedy book of the year.’ HEAT

    ‘Read it and weep.’ GQ