Told in Silence

Rebecca Connell

New novel from exciting young author Rebecca Connell

From the outside, Violet seems to lead an ordinary and uneventful existence – single, working in a shop, and living with her parents in rural Kent – but her life has already been touched by tragedy. At 21, Violet is a young widow, and the couple she lives with, Harvey and Laura Blackwood, are not her own parents but those of her late husband, Jonathan.

Rocked by grief, Violet has shut herself away from the world, but she soon finds that she cannot escape reality. When Max Croft, an old friend of Jonathan’s, enters her life, she is faced not only with the possibility of a new attraction, but with the knowledge that there are secrets behind her husband’s death that she has not yet uncovered, and which threaten to shake her faith in everything she knows about their past life together.

Told in Silence is a spellbinding and unforgettable novel of desire, deception and the lengths that we will go to for love.

Reviews of Told in Silence

    • Praise for The Art of Losing
    • ‘An exceptional talent for storytelling’ Mavis Cheek
    • ‘The Art of Losing is a taut, convincing exploration of the pressures of love and the price of infidelity, and like the passion it so vividly describes it grips from the first and refuses to let go. For sheer readability, Rebecca Connell’s debut novel takes some beating.’ Rupert Thomson
    • ‘A first novelist who stakes out a compact patch and cultivates it with style hints at greater promise than one who aims higher, but goes messily astray. Connell switches between aggrieved Louise’s voice and that of the seducer, Nicholas. This counterpoint adds perspective and sharpens a finely-crafted mood of curdled sensuality and gathering menace. The truth, of course, is not quite what it seems.’ Boyd Tonkin, Independent
    • ‘Connell gets under the skin with this part thriller, part heartfelt examination of betrayal and grief’ Catherine Taylor, Guardian