Through The Tunnel

Through The Tunnel

Doris Lessing

From the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Doris Lessing, a short story about a young boy’s coming of age.

While on holiday with his mother, a young boy sees a group of older children jumping from a rock into deep sea. He feels compelled to challenge himself to match them, and in doing so will take his first steps away from childhood.

An amazingly vivid short story, Through the Tunnel explores the difficulties of childhood and ageing, resonating with many of Doris Lessing’s acclaimed novels.

This story also appears in the collection To Room Nineteen.

Reviews of Through The Tunnel

    • Praise for Doris Lessing:
    • ‘Doris Lessing has changed the way we think about the world.’ Blake Morrison
    • ‘Thank goodness for Doris Lessing. While the rest of us flounder about noisily in the muddy waters of life, she never fails to expose with startling clarity the essential folly of our dreams and good intentions.’ Kate Chisholm, Evening Standard
    • ‘She’s up there in the pantheon with Balzac and George Eliot. We’re lucky she’s still writing.’ Lisa Appignanesi, Independent
    • ‘Doris Lessing writes about the parts other novelists cannot reach.’ Observer

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