Three to See the King

Magnus Mills

‘I live in a house built entirely from tin. For a long while I was quite content here, and remained convinced I would find no better place to be. Then one day a woman arrived at my door and said, “So this is where you’ve been hiding.”‘

Living in a tin shack, on a great plain, with only the wind for company: what could be better? But with Mary Petrie rapidly turning your house into a home, and the charismatic Michael Hawkins enticing your neighbours away, suddenly there are choices to be made. Should you stay? Or join the exodus?

Reviews of Three to See the King

  • ‘Mills’s particularly rural comedy – in which only locals are allowed to order the interesting biscuits in the village shop – shares its anthropological glee with The League of Gentlemen…. Three To See The King is even stranger, sparser and more daring; as Mills steps back from fables of alienated labour to Beckettian first principles, his closed system closes in… It shouldn’t be a speedy page-turner, but it is; light reading with real depth, this is philosophy for fiction-lovers.’ Justine Jordan, Guardian

    ‘Magnus Mills is a genius… an extraordinary individual with a completely unique view of the world, who makes sense of it in totally unexpected and inexplicable ways. It’s rare that you finish a book feeling so richly satisfied.’ Big Issue

    ‘A spare but absorbing tale in which Mills handles weighty issues of charismatic leadership, blind faith, and the interdependence of human beings, with a light, dextrous touch.’ Charlotte Mosley, Daily Mail