Theo’s Odyssey

Catherine Clement

Does for spirituality what Sophie’s World did for philosophy.

  • Theo is fourteen, very clever, reads a lot, loves computer games and the Greek myths. But then, suddenly, he falls ill. His rich aunt Martha decides that they must roam the world to find a cure for his malaise.
  • What follows is a tour of the world’s religions and religious sites, with the sceptical, quizzical Theo being shown the varieties and depths of faith that exist in other places, other cultures.
  • All this is handled with real style, pace, wit and clarity. The book is a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to why and how people believe in their God – even Dave Allen would have liked it.

Reviews of Theo’s Odyssey

    • ‘A wonderful book that both adults and adolescents like Theo will find richly rewarding.’Le Populaire
    • ‘With its fluent and alert prose, this encyclopaedic novel will entrance any smart reader keen to extend their spiritual understanding.’Madame Figaro
    • ‘Clement has written her great book of questions. The reader needs to dive into it as they would plunge into crystal-clear waters: it will open their heart and refresh their spirit.’Magazine Litteraire

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