The Wrong Kind of Shirts 1998

Mark Reynolds

Another bumper collection of footballing faux-pas and mangled manager-speak as the bestselling series enters its third season.

With the inevitability of a Motson mixed metaphor, Reynolds once again wraps up the latest football season with a choice selection of bizarre utterings from the leading characters in the beautiful game.

From Gross incompetence at Tottenham to the heroic efforts of Stevenage Borough to wind up Kenny Dalglish, and the fantasy re-appointment of Alan Balls-up at Portsmouth, 1997-8 was another season rich in comic moments to re-savour with the Christmas turkey. And with the added bonus of a booby-trap-laden World Cup Finals that saw poor little Brazil pitched in against the mighty Scots, and teh cheating Argies once again lying in wait for England, this year’s collection delivers more laughter and tears than a season ticket to Maine Road.

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