The Voyage of the Narwhal (Text Only)

The Voyage of the Narwhal (Text Only)

Andrea Barrett

`A great, shivery, seductive read.’ Elle

Intelligent, accessible literary fiction of the highest order. Superbly dramatic and beautifully readable.

A terrific tale of high endeavour and polar peril, this is the story of a scientific expedition to the Arctic in 1855 and the women the explorers left behind.

A brilliant portrait of Victorian society obsessed with mapping and classifying everything under the sun – including the icy Arctic – where the
emancipation of women and the evolution of species are the next great revolutions just stirring into life.

Reviews of The Voyage of the Narwhal (Text Only)

    • ‘The clarity and depth of the story dazzle’The Times
    • ‘Enthralling, rivetingly authentic’Literary Review
    • ‘Crammed full of rich, pictorial description and tingling suspense.’New York Times
    • ‘Among the most emotionally wrenching, subtle works of the century’