The Up and Comer

Howard Roughan

Handsome, hip and rich-by-marriage, Philip Randall has it all: a career at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, a wife whose father showers her with every luxury, a loft in Soho and a beautiful mistress. Never mind that Jessica is also the wife of his best friend Connor – and that they have been married for less than a year.

When an old acquaintance re-appears in his life with photographic proof of their affair, Philip is haunted by the threat of blackmail and exposure – yet refuses to accept that finally a situation has arisen that he is unable to turn to his advantage. Until that is, he finds himself at the centre of a murder investigation.

Is the Up and Comer finally to receive his comeuppance?

Reviews of The Up and Comer

  • ‘A wonderful decline-and-fall story for our well-heeled times which captures the dubious underside of anyone who believes “careerism” is a noble calling. Terrific.’ Douglas Kennedy

    ‘Elegant writing, fine dialogue and deft jokes…a hugely entertaining read’ Tatler

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