The Unfortunates

The Unfortunates

Laurie Graham

The ebook edition of a classic novel from the bestselling author of ‘The Future Homemakers of America’.

What hope is there for Poppy Minkel? She has kinky hair, out-sticking ears, too yellow a neck and an appetite for fun, and her mother Dora despairs of ever finding her a husband, despite the Minkel’s Mustard fortune that seasons these dubious attractions. When Daddy disappears, Poppy’s tendency to the unusual is quietly allowed to flourish. World War I opens new horizons. With never a moment of self-doubt, she invents her own extraordinary life in step with the unfolding century.

Reviews of The Unfortunates

    • Praise for ‘The Unfortunates’:
    • ‘It is a marvel. Graham’s style is riveting, hilarious one-liners falling in quick succession.’ Anthea Lawson, The Times
    • ‘My unputdownable book of the year. I laughed and cried.’ Shereen Nanjiani, Sunday Herald
    • ‘An irrepressible adventurer, Poppy is a comic combination of innocence and pluck, but although this is a brisk, breezy read, it’s also a novel with serious bite.’ Hephzibah Anderson, Daily Mail
    • ‘Laurie Graham is a writer with a remarkably malleable comic voice.’ Alex Clark, The Guardian
    • ‘Fresh, funny and smart, a novel that reels from the Titanic to jazz age New York.’ Observer
    • ‘This wildly funny novel … is often on the brink of being a wildly tragic one.’ The Sunday Times
    • ‘A compelling read.’ Hello!
    • ‘Poppy Minkel is a wonderfully original, naive character, and Graham injects her with the same eccentric humour all her protagonists share, making it impossible not to love her. A fantastic, engrosssing read.’ Glamour