The Seventh Daughter

Vivienne Savory

Sarah Farrand has visions but as far as she knows she is not the seventh child of a seventh child. She was raised by a woman she suspects was her grandmother. She has never known her parents. Now she is a potter and painter, living along the edge of the moors above Manchester, and for four years she has been a widow. Everyone knows about the Pendle witches who roamed the hills nearly four hundred years ago. But this is the 1990s and Sarah is not comfortable with her powers. She sees people no one else can. Before his untimely death she could ‘see’ her husband being unfaithful to her. When she begins to date a widower she can ‘hear’ conversations he had with his late wife. But when she becomes haunted by strange dreams Sarah is determined to learn the truth about her past. She has survived a destructive marriage and a devastating breakdown but will she be able to face the shocking truth abut her birth when she finally uncovers it far away on the coast of Connemara?

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