The Restraint of Beasts

Magnus Mills

The news couldn’t be worse for Tam, Richie and their new supervisor: Mr McCrindle’s fence has gone slack.

The three of them are duly dispatched to the McCrindle farm, where they finish off the work, then go to England where, after rain-sodden days bashing in fence posts, they wolf down baked beans in their shared caravan and spend their evenings and cash in the local pub. But then they encounter the Hall Brothers – butchers, rival fencers and local heroes…

Reviews of The Restraint of Beasts

  • ‘A demented, deadpan comic wonder’ Thomas Pynchon

    ‘A heaving cauldron of black humour… I can guarantee that if you buy this book you’ll never look at a stretch of high-tensile agricultural fencing in quite the same way ever again’ Time Out

    ‘Extremely unusual, finely crafted and funny’ Observer

    ‘Clever and funny and rewardingly strange … in a manner which may be called Kafkaesque’ Independent on Sunday

    ‘Unpretentious, comic and intelligent’ Daily Telegraph