The Plastic Tomato Cutter

Michael Curtin

A delightful story of love and snooker, of old customs giving way to outrageous youthful behaviour.

Mr Yendall, one of life’s great antiques even as a young man, charts the downward progress of society from his position as deputy-manager of Montague’s outfitters and as the habitual occupant of the corner table at the Draper’s Club. Of another age, Tim Harding, snooker champion and member of the society of bellringers – despite him being a ‘black Protestant’ ex-Trinity College man of doubtful parentage – is so besotted by the local beauty, Cecelia Sloan, that he can hardly see straight. She insists that they follow a perfectly romantic courtship – traditional almost. Well, almost… until she discovers Tim is her brother. Michael Curtin’s characters are enormously attractive, their dilemmas are unbelievable and yet strangely real and he brings to this novel of dazzling comic twists and turns an abiding affection for the human condition.

Reviews of The Plastic Tomato Cutter

    • Praise for Michael Curtin:
    • ‘Michael Curtin could be called the Irishman’s Julian Barnes’Daily Mail
    • ‘Curtin is one of Ireland’s best writers. His books are marvellous achievements, very funny and very, very human. He has also created some of the best barmen in modern literature’Roddy Doyle
    • ‘Ingenious structure… wonderful set-pieces… but what is most remarkable is the way the sheer outrageousness is made to sit comfortably alongside sadness, gentleness and all the other colours of need’TLS