The Plague of Doves

Louise Erdrich

Pluto, North Dakota, is a town on the verge of extinction. Here, everybody is connected – by love or friendship, by blood, and, most importantly, by the burden of a shared history. Growing up on the reservation is Evelina Harp, witty and ambitious, and prone to falling hopelessly in love. Listening to her grandfather’s tales, she learns of a horrific crime that has marked both Ojibwe and whites. Nobody understands it better than Judge Antone Bazil Coutts, who keeps watch over Pluto’s inhabitants and recounts their lives with compassion and rare insight. Louise Erdrich’s sense of the comic and the tragic sweeps readers along to the surprising conclusion of this stunning novel, a portrait of the complex allegiances, passions and drama of a haunting land and its all-too-human people.

Reviews of The Plague of Doves

  • ‘Louise Erdrich’s imaginative freedom has reached its zenith – ‘The Plague of Doves’ is her dazzling masterpiece.’ Philip Roth

    ‘A masterly new novel … Writing in prose that combines the magical sleight of hand of Gabriel Garcia Marquez with the earthy, American rhythms of Faulkner, Ms. Erdrich … has written what is arguably her most ambitious – and in many ways, her most deeply affecting – work yet.’ Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

    ‘Confirms her reputation as a writer able to combine the apocalyptic with the mundane world whose inhabitants are set loose to roam the heavens in spirit but are ballasted always by their defiantly human bodies.’ Observer

    ‘You could read Louise Erdrich’s latest book for its wisdom … Or you could read ‘The Plague of Doves’ for its poetry … in the end, you’ll read this book for its stories … The stories told by her characters offer pleasures of language, of humor, of sheer narrative momentum, that shine even in the darkest moments of the book.’ Boston Globe

    ‘Wholly felt and exquisitely rendered tales of memory and magic … By the novel’s end, and in classic Erdrich fashion, every luminous fragment has been assembled into an intricate tapestry that deeply satisfies the mind, the heart, and the spirit.’ O magazine