The Perfect Storm

Sebastian Junger

The ‘perfect storm’ is a once-in-a-hundred-years combination: a high pressure system from the Great Lakes, running into storm winds over an Atlantic island – Sable Island – and colliding with a weather system from the Caribbean: Hurricane Grace.

This is the story of that storm, told through the accounts of individual fishing boats caught up in the maelstrom, their families waiting anxiously for news of their return, the rescue services scrambled to save them. It is the story of the old battle between the fisherman and the sea, between man and Nature, that awesome and capricious power which can transform the surface of the Atlantic into an impossible tumult of water walls and gaping voids, with the capacity to break an oil tanker in two.

In spare, lyrical prose ‘The Perfect Storm’ describes what happened when the Andrea Gail looked into the wrathful face of the perfect storm.

Reviews of The Perfect Storm

  • ‘(It) will become a classic for a jaded modern world.’ The Independent

    ‘[Sebastian Junger] writes like a poet who has been to meteorology school.’ Ruth Rendell

    ‘Terrifying, sad, exhilarating, humbling and unforgettable.’ Daily Mail

    ‘A magnificent sea-yarn…it deserves to storm these shores.’ Observer