The Museum of Things Left Behind

Seni Glaister

Escape into the warmth and charm of this big-hearted modern fable – and discover a European country you’ve never heard of.

Nestling in the picturesque mountains between Italy and Austria is the beautiful but isolated country of Vallerosa, a land of stopped clocks, full employment, pungent tea, patriotism, rival cafés and a slower way of life. The world has finally started to take notice of this hidden gem, and when a letter arrives, announcing the imminent arrival of a Very Important Person, the Vallerosans hurry to make preparations for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show off their country. But the visitor is not quite what they had in mind . . .

Reviews of The Museum of Things Left Behind

    • ‘Charming, captivating and absorbing. I love this book!’ Catherine Alliott
    • ‘Transports the reader to an enchanting world of wisdom, humour and warmth. I am already longing for Seni Glaister’s next novel’ Cathy Kelly
    • ‘A dream of a book’ Polly Vernon, GRAZIA
    • Funny, wise and charming’ DAILY MAIL
    • ‘Fans of Marina Lewycka will enjoy this debut … As sweet as ice-cream’ METRO
    • ‘A witty, feel-good read’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING
    • ‘Sunny, charming, and as playful as Stella Gibbons or EF Benson, The Museum of Things Left Behind took me on holiday to the tiny imaginary country of Vallerosa, and returned me with the wonderful feeling of having spent time with an uplifting friend’ Laline Paull, author of THE BEES