The Melatonin Miracle

William Regelson and Walter Pierpaoli

Two of the world’s leading medical researchers in the field of ageing contend that small, safe daily doses of a naturally occurring hormone, melatonin, can preserve the youthful quality of our lives. Melatonin is produced abundantly through early life but levels declining gradually after puberty and drastically during middle age. Drs Pierpaoli and William Regelson show how taking inexpensive supplements of melatonin – currently available over the counter at pharmacists and health food shops – can actually adjust the internal clock that controls ageing, allowing our bodies to retain their youthful vigour and resilience. The latest scientific research also suggests that melatonin fights heart disease and cancer, boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol, relieves stressand improves sleep, among other benefits.

Reviews of The Melatonin Miracle

  • ‘THE MELATONIN MIRACLE is the most credible introduction I’ve seen to this promising new medical frontier’