The Media Guide 1998

Steve Peak and Paul Fisher

Newspapers and Magazines As newspapers conglomeratise and shuffle towards seven-day operating practices we profile all the changes in national and regional newspapers, local groups, journals and magazines.

Television Channel 5 goes live as Channel 4 adjusts to life after Grade and BBC goes 24hours news and bi-media everything. Cross-media ownership increases as smaller regional broadcasters join more powerful cousins: all the key moves and key movers are here.

Satellite and Cable Sky’s the limit, Europorn’s the issue, Live! TV’s the joker and World Service Television’s the flop.

Radio The ever volatile sector as independents vie with the BBC and Talk struggles as Classical thrives.

Inside Contacts In every sector the crucial names, addresses and phone contacts numbers are supplied from picture libraries to the head of drama commissioning at the BBC, from news agencies to the director of the ITV network. And Outside Contacts: Key links between the journalist and the world beyond the news desk – ambulance services, Internet websites, Whitehall departments, courts, local town halls, Europe’s power brokers, pressure groups, police stations and many, many more.