The Master Butchers Singing Club

Louise Erdrich

In the quiet aftermath of WWI, Fidelis Waldvogel leaves behind his quiet German village, and sets out for America with his new wife Eva – the widow of his best friend, killed in action. Finally settling in North Dakota, Fidelis works hard to build a business, a home for his family – and a singing club consisting of the best voices in town. But his adventure into the New World truly begins when he encounters Delphine Watzka, a local woman whose origins are a mystery, even to her. Delphine meets Eva and is enchanted. She meets Fidelis and the ground trembles… Spanning the decades from the Great War to the fifties, ‘The Master Butchers Singing Club’ is a gift to readers everywhere, unfolding its themes of love and death, lightness and gravity with the eloquent prose, sly humour, and depth of feeling that only a masterful writer can offer.

Reviews of The Master Butchers Singing Club

  • ‘This novel is the work of a poet. The many voices

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