Little Black Book

Otegha Uwagba

Reviews of Little Black Book

  • ‘A must-read for anyone looking to be as prolific as Uwagba herself’ Sunday Times

    ‘Otegha Uwagba is one of London’s new generation of female CEOs’ Evening Standard

    ‘Otegha Uwagba has the answer to all your creative career challenges…this book is a must-read guide for all creative women looking to navigate the world of workElle

    ‘Avoids all the clichés of the “self-help” genre’ Dazed

    ‘Such a useful little book packed with knowledge, I definitely could have done with reading this when I went freelance back in 2014’ Reni Eddo-Lodge, author of Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

    ‘There’s no fluff in here, it’s all solid gold – recommend 100%’ Emma Gannon, author of book and podcast CTRL-ALT-DELETE

    All you lot should get your hands on this. Currently on my way to do a speech and shitting myself, but Chapter 4 on public speaking is allowing me to breathe’ Charlie Cuff, gal-dem / Dazed

    ‘If, like me, you love talking and thinking about your career – and hope to constantly evolve it – this one is for you’ Natasha Lunn, Red Magazine

    Buy this BRILLIANT book (especially if you’re a woman in the creative industries, but basically buy it if you’re anyone)’ Elizabeth Day, journalist and author of The Party

    ‘A hugely helpful read for working women in creative industries’ Yomi Adegoke, co-author of Slay in Your Lane

    ‘Inspiring, insightful, ambitious’ Porter Magazine

    The book you’ve seen all over InstagramNASTY GAL

    ‘A travel-sized pocket book full of professional gems and expert adviceFader

    Robust, sensible and calm advice… this is a useful and digestible guide to developing the creative career that will most suit you’ A Little Bird

    ‘Should be handed to every graduate instead of that piece of paper which, in many cases, amounts to sweet FA’ Grace Woodward, Fashion & TV commentator