The Intruder

Peter Blauner

A contender for the Grisham/Turow market; an ‘urban Cape Fear’ in which an ambitious New York lawyer, just as he is reaching the peak of his career, finds everything he has worked so hard to achieve is threatened by the arrival in his life of The Intruder, a psychotic homeless bum.

Jake Schiff is a prominent Manhattan lawyer. He can’t go around whacking people just because he has a problem with them, but when John Gault enters his life he finds himself asking someone to do just that. John G is a subway driver who has cracked up and quit his job when too many people threw themselves in front of his train. He soon becomes a psychotic homeless drug addicted bum who begins to stalk Jake’s wife Dana, a hospital psychiatric worker assigned to John G’s case. When John G threatens Jake and Dana’s teenage son with a knife, Jake snaps and allows Phil, a crazed Italian-American gangster from his old neighbourhood, to go after John G with a baseball bat. A man is killed and suddenly Jake’s glittering career and all he has worked so hard to achieve is in ruins when he is arrested for murder.

Reviews of The Intruder

    • ‘Better than Grisham, better than Patricia Cornwell. I loved it’James Patterson

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