The Instant Cook

Casual, special or over-the-top: dinner doesn’t get any faster or less fussy than this! Simple, stylish and modern recipes, together with Donna’s trademark look – beautiful photography and styling – will allow you to create a great meal at short notice.

Whether you need to whip-up busy midweek fare for a famished family or present something chic and easy for a casual weekend dinner with friends – time is on your side with Donna Hay’s latest cookbook, ‘The Instant Cook’, a moreish collection of over 190 fast, new and inspiring recipes, tips and tricks.

Enjoy the fastest pasta around and make scrumptious dishes and sauces in minutes. In her latest book, Donna Hay again gives her readers the know-how and confidence to create great meals that are filling and substantial, at short notice.

Each chapter begins with a personal note from Donna on the recipes ahead in a classic collection of chapters – soup; salads; pasta, rice & noodles; chicken; meat; fish & seafood; vegetables; sweets. Each chapter also includes a new feature with Donna showing you one essential sauce or dish, with three very clever twists for you to create three very fresh and original meals. Chapters then conclude with her ever-popular ‘short order’ ideas: quick dishes to serve on the side or as meals on their own, using simple methods and flavour combinations.

Reviews of The Instant Cook

    • Praise for ‘The Instant Cook’:
    • ‘As stylish as ever, this collections of of fabulous sounding recipes are tailored for cooks in a hurry.’ BBC Good Food Magazine
    • Praise for Donna Hay:
    • ‘Donna Hay is my inspiration’ Jamie Oliver
    • ‘Hay’s are those affordable, big, sexy paperbacks, oozing irresistable things…the photography is equally seductive’Independent
    • ‘If you are anything like me… almost always hungry, almost always pressed for time, almost always in the market for a fresh idea and absolutely always put off by the daunting complexity of chefs’ recipes – Donna Hay is for you.’ R.W. Apple Jr, food critic, The New York Times