The Information

Martin Amis

How can one writer hurt another where it really counts – his reputation? This is the problem facing novelist Richard Tull, contemplating the success of his friend and rival Gwyn Barry. Revenger’s tragedy, comedy of errors, contemporary satire, ‘The Information’ skewers high life and low in Martin Amis’s brilliant return to the territory of ‘Money’ and ‘London Fields’.

Reviews of The Information

  • ‘A book of brilliant energies, a comedy of enraged passions. Amis’s writing shares the grandeur of the big American writers.’ Malcolm Bradbury, The Times

    ‘No one can hold a candle to Martin Amis.’ Val Hennessy, Daily Mail

    ‘A funny, vicious portrait of literary London.’ Evening Standard

    ‘Any other writer would kill to reach this high style. Amis can stroll the heights at his leisure – the writing is on fire.’ Allison Pearson

    ‘Martin Amis is an iconic figure. He cracks out memorable sentences like a ringmaster in the circus of the grotesque. He is the good-looking bad guy of late-twentieth-century Eng Lit – faster on the phrase than any of the other inky cowboys on the streets.’ Melvyn Bragg