The Idler’s Companion

Tom Hodgkinson and Matthew de Abaitua

One of the most pressing quiestions de nos jours is, How are we to adapt our work patterns to a post-industrial society? To which this book responds: Why bother?

An anthology of writers from throughout the ages – from the Bible (’Consider the lilies of the fields, they toil not’) to Boswell, to Burroughs – The Idler’s Companion explores the history, philosophy and sheer luxuriance of indolence. Compiled by the editors of The Idler magazine, the book is divided into 5 sections – The Hermit (covering the spiritual aspects of doing nothing); The Courtier (the intellectual’s endorsement of inactivity); The Epicurean (the hedonist’s route out of a working life); The Unemployed (sometimes uncharitably referred to as skivers); and The Sloth (who makes no apologies for anything).

A stylishly designed gift book, THE IDLER’S COMPANION makes the perfect couch-side companion. Pass us the chocolates…