The Healing Land

Rupert Isaacson

The Bushmen have long been mythologised and are firmly entrenched in the Western mind. But what is it about hunter-gatherers that is so attractive us, and why do we need these myths? Fascinated by this disappearing population, Rupert Isaacson has been venturing into the Kalahari since he was a child and his book is a search for this truth about the Bushmen through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Part travel writing, part history of the Bushmen, part personal quest, it will record what he finds there, the landscapes he travels through, the wildlife he hunted and ate, the characters, corruption and confusion of a people who have wrenched themselves out of the Stone Age (it wasn’t until 1948 that it became illegal to kill Bushmen) into a cash economy over the past ten years.

Reviews of The Healing Land

  • ‘The story is a familiar one, but it has never been told quite this way, by a narrator so open-hearted, optimistic and vulnerable to enchantment… This is a very sweet book, full of mystery, magic and strange coincidence, and it even has a happy ending, unusual in Africa. Highly recommended.’
    Rian Malan