The Guardian Year 2000

Mike McNay

Voted Newspaper of the Year 1998, The Guardian has seen out the last year of the millennium in customary style. The best journalists in the business have taken us to the heart of war in Kosovo, chronicled seismic change in Scotland and Wales, watched the painful progress toward a settlement in Northern Ireland, seen Clinton let off the hook, and shared national euphoria as Manchester United achieved an historic treble championship win. Mo Mowlam introduces this selection of the unbeatable writing that sets The Guardian apart – from Polly Toynbee, Hugo Young, Jonathan Freedland, Mark Lawson, Peter Preston, David McKie, and Francis Wheen. THE GUARDIAN YEAR 1999 captures the highlights of the closing century in words and pictures, recording the best moments from the sporting and cultural calendars. Now in its forty-seventh edition, this will be every bit as searching and powerful as the previous year’s, reviewed in The Irish Times as ‘entertaining, provocative and plain darned good’.

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