The Guardian Year 1998

John Ezard

Voted Newspaper of the Year for 1997, 1998 has once again been a vintage Guardian year. It witnessed the full national drama as England and Scotland took up the challenge of the World Cup, the tottering progress of the Millennium Dome, the bloom coming off New Labour’s rose, as well as a president tormented by his own priapic misdemeanours. In addition, the Guardian has consistently offered writing of a quality unmatched by any other newspaper: from Nick Davis, Jonathan Freedland, Ed Vulliamy, Natasha Walter and Hugo Young. Now in its forty-sixth edition, THE GUARDIAN YEAR 1998 captures the year in prose and pictures, recording the best moments from the sporting and cultural calendars. The 1998 edition will be every bit as searching and powerful as the previous year’s, reviewed in Venue as a ‘celebration of exemplary investigative journalism’ .

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