The Guardian Year 1997

John Ezard

Newspaper of the Year again, with Francis Wheen columnist of the Year and Alan Rusbridger voted the Editor’s Editor, 1997 has been a vintage year for the Guardian, prefigured by its sensational and courageous fight against Sleaze which culminated in a headline of exceptional power and daring, directed against Neil Hamilton MP: A Liar and a Cheat. But as well as that the year has seen a brilliant John Major photo opportunity as he auditioned for Carry on up the Khyber, some waspish political commentary from Simon Hoggart including all the best of the bits he just made up, the full drama of the General Election pantomime, the best moments from the sporting and cultural calendars and the aspect the Guardian offers better than any other newspaper: quality writers – Nick Davis, George Monbiot, Ed Vulliamy, John Gray, Hugo Young.

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