The Guardian Guide to the Internet

Jim McClellan

Internet use is increasing exponentially, with burgeoning suppliers offering myriad ways to join the information superhighway. But how to avoid being mown down by jargon at the first corner? The Guardian Guide to the Internet is written in practical, jargon-busting language, with straightforward advice for the newcomer and experienced Net user alike. It ranges from tips on where to buy computer hardware, to guidance on systems – to Mac or not to Mac – to recommendations about where to browse and how to navigate the corners of the World Wide Web. You’ll find out about privacy, about safeguarding financial transactions, about what you can expect to find on the Internet and what you might want to avoid. And if you want to design your own web pages or site, you’ll find out how to do that too. In a fast changing environment it’s an essential guide: pragmatic, informed and up to the minute.