The Girl at the Door

Veronica Raimo

A tense, provocative and nuanced novel about a rape accusation in an idyllic commune

I was in my sixth month when the girl came knocking.

The girl came empty handed. On the threshold, her hair down, her jeans tight.

‘Are you the professor’s wife?’ the girl asked me. ‘I have to speak to you,’ she said.

‘The professor raped me,’ the girl said.

Reviews of The Girl at the Door

    • ‘An astonishing novel that examines moral anguish from original and captivating angles, full of quotable lines and startling insights into conscience and the urge to judge. The Girl at the Door explores the limits of intimacy, physical and emotional, and is as gripping as anything I’ve read this year. Sexy, dangerous, modern – what’s not to love?’ Richard Beard
    • ‘This uncompromising, fiercely intelligent novel confirms the moral usefulness of serious art: it reminds us that the world is more complicated than our righteous certainties; it forces us to acknowledge the abyss’ Garth Greenwell, author of What Belongs to You
    • ‘A provocative, fiercely intelligent and emotionally demanding examination of sex, power and freedom. It’s a real page-turner as well… a subtle but chilling reminder of how language can shape and warp reality, too’ Daily Mail
    • ‘A meditation on the sheer loneliness of contemporary society, Raimo’s novel is undoubtedly a story of our times’ Literary Review
    • ‘Fierce, intelligent, candid, and erotic, Veronica Raimo has written a devastating modern fable of passion, where acts of betrayal, violence, and sex both sustain and destroy the characters’ lives in unexpected and provocative ways’ Lily Tuck
    • ‘The first post-Weinstein novel’ Vanity Fair
    • ‘Elegant, mesmerizing and merciless’ La Repubblica
    • ‘Veronica Raimo’s novel will enrich the debate on the most current contemporary issues and at the same time belongs to the international literary scene that today can talk about emotions, individuals and sex in the most interesting and stylistically innovative way: from Catherine Lacey to Sally Rooney’ Vice
    • ‘Haunting … a book about harassment, consensus, and vigilantism that has caught the zeitgeist of the times’ Vogue
    • ‘Will be talked about for a long time’ Esquire