The Gap Yah Plannah

The Gap Yah Plannah

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The Gap Yah Plannah is the ultimate guide to your gap year bantering. Grab your lashmina and get ready to chunder.

So, you didn’t get the grades, and you’ve decided to take a gap yah. Well, this is the gap year guide for you.

Or, you massively love life and want to have a cheeky beer in loads of waard places around the world, and have decided to take a gap yah. This is the gap year guide for you, too.

From budgeting for your time away (mummy and daddy’s credit card) and what not to bring (respect for the law – that only inhibits your fun), to how to say ‘vomcano’ in Spanish, this is the absolutely essential spiritual, political and cultural guide to making the most of your gap yah.

Reviews of The Gap Yah Plannah

    • ‘The most popular Sloane since Princess Diana’ – BBC News
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    • ‘Hilarious’ – Khaleej Times of Dubai
    • ‘The latest British sensation’ – Calcutta Telegraph
    • ‘Hilarious’ – The Sun
    • ‘Bloody funny’ – Davina McCall
    • ‘Just Hilaire!’ – Grazia