The EsseX Files

Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson

The Essex Files is the story of a remarkable investigation: special agents Mouldy and Scummer are sent on the trail of a rash of remarkable sightings and happenings, none of which can be explained by the laws of nature as we know them:

Strange markings in the shale of the Thurrock Lakeside car park appearing overnight – how did they get there and what is an Escort spoiler?

The wild beast that terrorises the streets of Tiptree – the true story of the Essex Panda

The discovery of ‘Mondeo Man’ in the mudflats of the Thames estuary

Southend Pier: pleasure strip for tourists by day, landing lights for aliens ar night

The ‘Cheeky Man’ of Chelmsford: sacred paeon to a forgotten neolithic god meticulously carved in the chalk or big rude picture scrawled by a local neanderthal

The strange case of the single white stiletto found next to a trucker’s cafe on the A12

Frightening levels of hydrogen peroxide in the ozone layer above Colchester

The strange case of the Essex Girl jokes – where did they come from, why did we laugh?

Basildon, brrrr. This is a dangerous and unreal place.