The Essential Spike Milligan

Alexander Games, Eddie Izzard, and Spike Milligan

A Spike Milligan opus, containing everything from classics to hidden gems, with a foreword by Eddie Izzard.

This stunning anthology of Spike Milligan’s work comprises of favourites from his classic books (‘Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall’, ‘Goodbye Soldier’, ‘Puckoon’…) as well as scripts from the now-classic Goon Show. Interspersing such comic genius is also a touching collection of letters and his celebrated and liberating writings on depression, demonstrating the diverse talent of a man whose creative output spanned over half a century.

A selection of children’s poetry and writings (‘Unspun Socks for A Chicken’s Laundry’, ‘A Book of Milliganimals’, ‘Silly Verse for Kids’ and much more) reveals Spike’s irresistible connection with the childlike imagination and a brillant sense of the ridiculous. All the favourite and funniest stories are there. For those who want an excellent introduction to the mind of Milligan or a welcome return to a much-loved genius, this is the ultimate Milligan reader.

Reviews of The Essential Spike Milligan

    • ‘Wonderful anthology. A superbly sustained piece of comedy. Like so mush else in this collection, these excerpts inspire a return to the source.’ Chris Power, The Times
    • ‘The most comprehensive compendium of the troubled genius’ work. This volume spans his entire career…making this a testament to one of our most absurdly talented comedians. Poignant, nonsensical and hilarious. The Essential Spike Milligan is a more than appropriate epitaph.’ Ben Arnold, Jockey Slut
    • ‘A joyous and wondrous thing…Alex Games has done a fine job…A sound and neatly timed volume and perfect for filling a Milligan-shaped gap in anyone’s life.’ Marcus Berkmann, Literary Review
    • ‘Successfully shows why Spike Milligan deserves his place at the heart of British comedy.’ Simon Webster, TLS