The Election

Martin Linton

The Election allows you into the heart of the General Election drama but spares you the half-truths of the parties’ manifestos. As well as the detailed analysis of the central areas of policy over which the Election will be fought – what does the Labour Party’s education policy amount to; what do the Conservatives believe about Europe; does anyone really care for the environment; and who’s tellling the truth about tax – it focuses on the key personalities, from the party leader to their respective sultans of spin (Mawhinny and Heseltine, Dewar, Mandelson and Campbell). It looks at the crucial marginal seats and reruns the 1992 result taking into account the boundary changes that have since moved voters around. It profiles the undignified scrambling in the chicken run – MPs in search of safer seats – and looks at the unhappy experience of all-women shortlists. It bids a suitably reverent farewell to MPs who won’t be gracing the next parliament and takes a long hard look at the some of the char- acters who might replace them. With the spice of the Guardian’s best political writers and columnists this will be the last word on the latest contortions in Europe’s oldest democracy.

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