The Dilemmas of Harriet Carew

Cristina Odone

Meet Harriet Carew, mother of three and juggler of work, home and family. Harriet only wants to do her best for her husband Guy, her children and herself. But while their friends flourish, and other parents look on pityingly, the Carews are struggling – and sliding down the ladder of fortune and happiness. Guy is a writer with a starry past, a humdrum present and unrealistic optimism about the future. His starchy family still treat Harriet as a newcomer to the family. Alex (12) is lazy, Tom (10) is bullied at school and Maisie (3) just misses her mum. Harriet is torn between wanting to be at home more and the need to work longer hours to help pay the school fees. When Harriet’s ex-boyfriend James turns up, super-successful and single, Harriet must make some tough decisions.

Funny, witty, warm and page-turning, this is the novel that every woman will want to read.

Reviews of The Dilemmas of Harriet Carew

  • ‘Funny and moving.’ Wendy Holden

    ‘Engaging, funny and charming, just like its heroine.’ Penny Vincenzi

    ‘A satirical take on high-fliers who suffer from debt-lag. Odone dissects modern mores with scalpel precision and a comically caustic eye. A great read.’ Kathy Lette

    ‘Cristina Odone’s novel makes a wonderfully sure-footed guide to the trials and tribulations of the World of the Posh, and how to survive it when you’re not quite rich enough…’ Julian Fellowes

    ‘“The Dilemmas of Harriet Carew” is a deft satire on what has been dubbed “status anxiety”.’ Seven, The Sunday Telegraph

    ‘Harriet Carew is the endearing heroine of Cristina Odone’s popular weekly Daily Telegraph column, Posh But Poor…Witty, warm and page-turning.’ Glamour magazine

    ‘A witty, endearing and sweetly comic read…four stars.’ Heat magazine

    Warm, witty and page-turning’.’ Glamour magazine

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