The Death of Eli Gold

David Baddiel

The new novel from David Baddiel, comedian, columnist and author of the critically-praised The Secret Purposes.

In New York’s Mt. Sinai hospital, the world’s greatest living writer, Eli Gold, is dying. Witnessing his death are his precocious 8-year-old daughter by his present (fifth) wife, his anxiety-ridden 44-year-old son from his third marriage, and his 89-year-old first wife, watching on TV from a care home in London. And also, secretly, his fourth wife’s fundamentalist Mormon brother, who has never got over his sister’s death in a suicide pact with Eli, a suicide pact that he, Eli, survived.

The Death of Eli Gold is a comedy, a thriller, and a meditation on love, death, aging, sex, fame, and the idea – the dying idea – of The Great Man.

Reviews of The Death of Eli Gold

    • Praise for The Secret Purposes:
    • ‘Page-turning, cleverly constructed … an entertaining book’ GUARDIAN
    • ‘A satisfying, brave novel’ OBSERVER
    • ‘An intriguing novel about history and truth … The intelligence and inquiry of this book will surprise many’ THE TIMES
    • ‘Wonderful … brilliantly realised’ INDEPENDENT
    • ‘It is a sombre, clever book, but, being Baddiel, is irradiated by flashes of dark humour’ Sally Vickers, SPECTATOR