The Brotherhood

Stephen Knight and Martin Short

The Freemasons have long fascinated outsiders. The subject of Dan Brown’s new novel – set for release in 2007 – this secret and exclusive society, thought to be the largest in Britain today, remains a mystery to the many excluded from its ranks. One would never know if a father or brother was a member due to the mandatory vow of secrecy. In this classic, controversial exposé, Stephen Knight talks to the men on the inside – those who have broken their vow of secrecy to reveal the darker side of the ‘brotherhood’. Do they influence the law? Is the KGB involved? And is there is a secret group of Masons running the country today, perhaps influencing every move we make? Now with an introduction by Martin Short, acclaimed author of ‘Inside the Brotherhood’, this is the unmissable, true story of an ancient, and mysterious brotherhood operating in our midst.

Reviews of The Brotherhood

  • ‘Valuable testimony…impressively researched…He most certainly has not been wasting his time.’ Observer

    ‘Top on the list of prohibited subjects is Freemasonry…A barrier of secrecy surounds it. It has been breached in several places by Stephen Knight…Some of my best friends are Freemasons. I wish they would read this book…a revelation.’ Guardian