The Best Ever Notes and Queries

Joseph Harker

If you’re not fixated by the people (Who was Gordon Bennett? What is a Dutch uncle? Who was Mr Enos Bacon, the Yorkshire Nightingale?) then the places will entrance you (Sod Hall, Bolton; Old Fort Sumner; Eskimo visiting sites in Scotland). And if they don’t captivate you then the mental puzzles certainly will: What is the Universe expanding into? How could Descartes be so sure of the existance of doubt? Is it true that even a blind chameleon can change its colour to that of its surroundings? Why do genetlemen prefer blondes? Does scratching your head really help?

According to Zina Kaye from London: Indeed it does. While contemplating the action of scratching your head, your subconscious mind has time to insert an answer into your conscious mind and bingo – the solution appears. For more profound problems either brew tea and/or raise theTitanic. Notes & Queries – they’re even good for you…