J. G. Ballard

After over three decades at the forefront of modern fiction, J.G. Ballard reached a new generation of readers with the bestselling thriller Cocaine Nights. In Super-Cannes, he delves into another closed community, where it is claimed that ‘work is the new leisure’. A disturbing mystery awaits Paul and Jane Sinclair when they arrive in Eden-Olympia, a high-tech business park in the hills above Cannes. Jane is to work as a doctor for those who live in this ultra-modern workers’ paradise. But what caused her predecessor to go on a shooting spree that made headlines around the world? As Paul investigates, he begins to uncover a thriving subculture of crime that is spiralling out of control. Both novel of ideas and complex thriller, Super-Cannes is an extraordinary satire from the author of Empire of the Sun, Drowned World and Crash. Extreme Metaphors, a collection of interviews with Ballard, will be published in 2012.

Reviews of Super-Cannes

  • ‘Sublime…An elegant, elaborate trap of a novel, which reads as a companion piece to Cocaine Nights but takes ideas from that novel and runs further. The first essential novel of the 21st century’ Independent

    ‘Possibly his greatest book. Super-Cannes is both a novel of ideas and a compelling thriller that will keep you turning the pages to the shocking denouement. Only Ballard could have produced it’ Sunday Express

    ‘In this tautly paced thriller he brilliantly details how man’s darker side derails a vast experiment in living, and shows the dangers of a near-future in which going mad is the only way of staying sane’ Daily Mail

    ‘Vintage Ballard, a gripping blend of stylised thriller and fantastic imaginings’ Guardian

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