Strange Days Indeed: The Golden Age of Paranoia

Strange Days Indeed: The Golden Age of Paranoia

Francis Wheen

Strange Days Indeed tells the story of how the paranoia exemplified by Nixon and Wilson became the defining characteristic of western politics and culture in the 1970s.

Francis Wheen will vividly evoke the characters, events and atmosphere of an era in which the truth was far stranger than even the most outlandish fiction.

Reviews of Strange Days Indeed: The Golden Age of Paranoia

    • Priase for ‘Mumbo Jumbo’:
    • ‘A brilliant, eccentric book.’Observer
    • ‘Wheen has a Swiftian relish for exposing the cant that attends the ‘new rationality’…bullshit’s enema number one.’Tim Adams, Observer
    • ‘Hugely enjoyable…delightful reading.’Ferdinand Mount, Sunday Times
    • ‘Lightly and often hilariously told as it is, this book does make it clear that respect for truth and reason is retreating and mumbo-jumbo has a new confidence everywhere…This amusing, intelligent and elegantly argued book is as good a demonstration of the values it defends as could be imagined.’Philip Hensher, Spectator
    • ‘This book is a manifesto for rescuing the greatest philosophical movement of the past millennium. You have a choice: either read it or, pre-emptively shred your brain in anticipation of the coming darkness.’Independent on Sunday
    • Named as a Book of the Year in the Guardian, Observer and Daily Telegraph.