Songs in Ordinary Time

Mary Morris

The international No.1 bestseller and the most astonishing publishing success story since The Bridges of Madison County.

Set in Atkinson, Vermont, over the course of the steamy summer of 1960, SONGS IN ORDINARY TIME creates a complete world through the closely interwoven lives of the town’s inhabitants. The focus is on the Fermoyle family, headed by Marie, a divorcee who is fighting a losing battle to make ends meet and to bring up her three children, Norm, Alice and Benjy. Framing the action is a murder committed by a travelling confidence trickster, Omar Duvall, who preys on Marie’s vulnerabilities and wheedles his way into her heart. The putrefying corpse of his victim, lying undiscovered in the woods, is the sinister presence behind everything. Tension builds inexorably towards the body’s discovery and a dramatic climax that echoes the book’s opening.

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