Shop Horror: The Best of the Worst in British Shop Names

Guy Swillingham

An hilarious and beautifully designed book that is a natural successor to the cult of ‘Boring Postcards’, ‘Crap Towns’ and ‘Bad Hair’.

There comes a point when things get so bad, they’re actually good. And when it comes to naming hair salons, fish & chip shops, florists, dry cleaners, and shoe shops, there is nothing as bad – and therefore as good – as a pun-based name.

For the first, and hopefully the last, time ever the very best British shop puns have been gathered together in one stylish book. So raise a glass to Blonde Dye Bleach, The Cod Father, Floral ‘N’ Hardy, Wish You Wash Here, and Shoe-Be-Do, and pay tribute to the great British high street that has supported these classic shops.

Extra material includes: an introduction; profiles of some of the most interesting shops, and shop owners; a shop directory and an R.I.P. list of shops that have recently closed; league tables for the best punning town, and region, in the UK; and a ‘shop pun generator’.

Reviews of Shop Horror: The Best of the Worst in British Shop Names

    • ‘Every so often a book arrives at heat towers that has us flicking through the pages and reading out all the funny bits. Shop Horror is one of those tomes.’ Heat

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