Shit Girls Say

Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard

The best of the awesome Youtube and Twitter phenomenon Sh*t Girls Say!

‘I just love tiny things’…‘I hate the word moist’…‘I’m so pale’…‘I had such a good sleep’…‘What’s your dog’s name?’…‘Ice cream makes me cough’

Get it together, because we’re not even joking right now. ‘Sh*t Girls Say’ is the original internet hit that spawned countless imitations.

Now a hilarious, clever and beautifully stylish book, packed full of the utterly brilliant sh*t girls say.

Reviews of Shit Girls Say

    • As featured on:
    • The Today Show, E! News with Ryan Seacrest, Rock Center with Brian Williams ,,,, LA Times, Guardian
    • ‘So simple that it’s hilarious’
    • ‘It’s the new best thing. It may even be our new favourite thing’ Perez Hilton