Set This House in Order

Matt Ruff

‘Mouse is lying in a strange bed, in a strange house, with her hand pressed between the thighs of a man she has never seen before… She doesn’t scream. She wants to, but a lifetime of losing time – and covering up the fact – has left her skilled at controlling her reactions. She screams inside.’ Penny Driver – ‘Mouse’ – suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, blacking out whenever one of her other personalities takes control of her mind and body. So when Penny discovers that her new colleague Andrew Gage also suffers from MPD, she asks for his help. Through therapy, Andrew’s personalities have long since learnt to co-exist in harmony in an imaginary house inside his head, but Andrew’s ‘house’ is not quite so ordered as he would like to believe. In helping Penny, he discovers a locked door under the stairs, deep in his unconscious – a door that hides the dark secret as to why Andrew’s childhood mind shattered in the first place

Reviews of Set This House in Order

  • ‘A good old-fashioned crime novel, as readable as

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