Rites of Spring: New Writing from London

A showcase for new fiction writers based in the Greater London area, also including specially commissioned stories by Pauline Melville, Courttia Newland, Ardashir Vakil, Erica Wagner and William Sutcliffe, successful London-based writers.

New writers for the new millennium.This anthology, based on a competition for previously unpublished writers, picks the best London-based fiction writers and puts them together with five specially commissioned writers to form a refreshing anthology loosely based around the theme of rites of spring, or new beginnings.

The previous anthology of new London writing published by Fourth Estate, DOES THE SUN RISE OVER DAGENHAM? (1997) was well-received by the critics: ‘it paints a brilliantly evocative, heart-warming and varied picture of Swinging London.’ Standard;

’All the buzz and beauty of the metropolis with a hint of its bleakness.’ Harpers & Queen;

’a superb collection of new writing’ Red Magazine

Reviews of Rites of Spring: New Writing from London