Ridin’ High, Livin’ Free: Hell-raising Motorcycle Stories

Sonny Barger

Sonny Barger takes to the road again with a high speed bagful of stories from life on the open highway.

There’s nothing quite like an open road, a tuned-up bike and a fine “old lady” on the back.

An American legend and hero to bikers around the world, Sonny Barger is respected and feared by people on both sides of the law. In ‘Ridin’ High, Livin’ Free’, he presents a diverse collection of hell-raising tales, filled with a colorful cast of characters: the Silver Satin Kid, the Wandering Gypsy, the Peckerwood Pans, Animal, and Lone Wolf.

These are previously untold real life experiences, including the “missing years” of Steve McQueen. Race across the Bay Bridge high on acid on the back of a chopper with Loaded Linda and Limey Joe; slide across the pavement on your belly with DOA; and journey to the north pole with Moto Guzzi Ron.

From Helen’s BBQ diner in Oakland to an Irish pub in Shanghai, ‘Ridin’ High, Livin’’ Free recounts pavement-rough scrapes with the law, roadway adventures and disasters, brawls and bonding, all in the spirit of the open road. What these rebel tales have in common is the relentless pursuit of freedom, individuality and, of course, the ultimate ride.

Reviews of Ridin’ High, Livin’ Free: Hell-raising Motorcycle Stories

    • Praise for Hell’s Angel:
    • ‘Sonny Barger made one very important choice early on and stuck to it. He might say it was the choice to be free.’ Evening Standard
    • ‘As compulsive as the guttural roar of a Road King.’ The Times
    • ‘As compelling a piece of modern-day folklore, Hell’s Angel is unassailable.’ Select
    • ‘An honest, irrepressible and admirably unpolluted account of an outlaw lifestyle, and if you don’t like it-you tell him.’ Time Out
    • One of the Best Books of 2000. “You get to hear the whole badass story as if you were sitting next to Sonny on a barstool.” Maxim
    • ‘Maybe the baddest man on two wheels.’ Rolling Stone