Ed Jones

REVELATIONS is the story of the Rattigan family; Edward Rattigan, Church of England Bishop, pillar of local society, adulterer; his wife, Jessica Rattigan, the power behind Edward’s throne and their grown-up children. On the surface the Rattigans are a happy and successful family, but bubbling underneath are tales of passion, adultery, deception, drug addiction and even murder which make REVELATIONS the steamiest TV tie-in to hit the shelves yet. This is the novelisation of the first series of REVELATIONS produced by Granada TV, which was broadcast last year in the Central, Carlton and Granada regions but which won rave national reviews and received huge amounts of fan mail. Now, with the second series due for broadcast in April and syndicated to every major regional TV network, the novel will prove essential reading for thousands of new Rattigan addicts.

Reviews of Revelations

  • ‘REVELATIONS is the most enjoyable programme on the telly. An instant camp classic.’
    The Independent

    ‘More skeletons rattling in the cupboard than in any parish graveyard.’
    Daily Mail

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