Real Food

Nigel Slater

Since it’s publication in 1998, which tied in with his first TV series, stylish and innovative ‘Real Food’ has become the essential food book to have, both on the kitchen shelf and (qualified by his fanmail) on the bedside table. From sausages to ice cream, potatoes to garlic, the book covers Slater’s indispensable signature dishes – the ones you wouldn’t be without for love or money.

Based on Nigel Slater’s absolute favourite food, whether it be The Stickiest Ever Chicken Wings or Baked Goat’s Cheese and Pesto in Filo Pastry, Smoked Mackerel Dauphinoise or the classic Bacon Butty, this classic has gone a long way in at last creating a nation of food lovers. In typically unpretentious style, Nigel finds good things to make using mass produced white bread to the finest Italian loaves, or with standard English confectionery to real chocolate made from cocoa solids. These recipes are still up-to-the-minute, accessible and inspiring. With Nigel’s unerring understanding of flavours, irresistible, simple recipes, and passionate lively writing, this attractive reissue edition proves that ‘REAL FOOD’ deserves its place on everyone’s kitchen shelf.

Reviews of Real Food

  • ‘The greatest cookery writer of them all.’ Guardian

    ‘He is a genius.’ Matthew Fort

    ‘Nigel is a bloody genius.’ Jamie Oliver

    ‘No one writes more temptingly about food.’ Independent

    ‘My kitchen God.’ Red

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