Pet Rescue

Wendy Turner and Mark Evans

Vet Mark Evans – co-presenter of PET RESCUE, Channel 4’s popular teatime series – has selected his favourite stories from the show. Through the individual animals’ stories, we see the day-to-day drama at two of the RSPCA’s rescue centres (one in Surrey, the other near Middlesbrough), where sick, injured and neglected animals are brought for help.

But what happens to Squeaky the stray after he has been found a new home? And does Lucky, the four-day-old orphan kitten, pull through her ordeal? PET RESCUE the book not only retells the animals’ own stories, but takes up where the television series left off, looking at animal welfare problems and showing how they can be avoided or overcome.

Complete with pet care tips on what to do if you find an animal in distress, and a foreword by Mark’s co-presenter Wendy Turner, this will be an invaluable companion for every pet lover and fan of the series.

PET RESCUE is fully endorsed by the RSPCA.