Omens of Millennium

Harold Bloom

Throughout history, as each new century approaches, people become increasingly fascinated with angels,dreams and near-death experiences. But what exactly are angels? How and when did they enter into human consciousness? What resemblance do angels of today have with their ancient predecessors? Where does our notion of the near-death experience come from? What roles do angels, dreams and near-death experiences play in our world as we approach the 21st century?

In this brilliant and revelatory book, Bloom explores one of his long-standing passions, tracing our fascination with these ancient phenomena to their origins in Zoroastrian, Hebraic, Christian and Sufi traditions. In so doing he rescues them from what he considers their contemporary debased condition, restoring them to their original grandeur and convincingly demonstrating that our current obsessions are a basic part of our intellectual and cultural past as well as our present.