Off the Shelf

Donna Hay, the bestselling Australian food writer and stylist, brings us fresh, fast and delicious recipes in a volume which offers simple and original solutions to the ‘nothing for dinner’ dilemma. A beautiful package with a clean and comtemporary visual style.

‘Off the Shelf’ is an essential handbook for everyone who loves to cook and eat. Bestselling food writer and Glenfiddich Award winner Donna Hay shows you how to fill your store cupboard, to save time and combat stress with practical and inventive meal ideas. From everyday meals to special occasions and unexpected entertaining, ‘Off the Shelf’ is packed with the information and inspiration you need to create a meal at short notice; anything from a simple pastadish, a slippery slurp of Asian-inspired noodles to a tempting berry tart. All you need is a a well-stocked kitchen cupboard and a handful of fresh ingredients.

Reviews of Off the Shelf

    • ‘Donna Hay is my inspiration’ Jamie Oliver
    • ‘Hay’s are those affordable, big, sexy paperbacks, oozing irresistable things…the photography is equally seductive’Independent
    • ‘Drop-dead gorgeous food…clean, elegant yet simple recipes, food that looks glamorous yet requires minimum effort. ’ The Sydney Morning Herald